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Map for the II Kick Off Picnic

We are prepared for the II Kick Off Picnic. Are you? The only thing that you have to do is to put your smile on your face and to come  on  Sunday at 11:30 am in Skopje City Park. The picnic is going to be held on the lawn next to the statue of Goce Delcev. This map will help you to find us 🙂



“The man after the bridge” is financed!!!

Can you believe it? “The man after the bridge” is financed after  6 days of its publishing. Four supporters invested 2.050 MKD in the first four days. The sixth day, a supporter invested unbelievable 60.000 MKD (almost 1.000 EUR), with which the project achieved the required amount. Yes, it is possible and it’s true. It can happen to you! Don’t wait and post a project on letsfundit.mk

And don’t forget, the support for this unique project does not stop here. There are twelve days left. And everyone who will invest in a project on letsfundit.mk, beside the award by the projects creator, will get a traditional picnic meal on the II Kick Off Picnic, on 18th of May, in City Park, Skopje.


When was the last time when you were on a picnic?

In the past most of us used to go on a picnic once in a month. But in the recent years this habit disappeared. There is a great opportunity to bring this beautiful habit again in our lives. On 18th of May, Summer Work and Travel Alumni organize the second Kick Off Picnic, in City Park, Skopje. It will be a whole day event, which will start at 11:30 am and will mark the beginning of 2014 Work and Travel season. During the event are planned different sport activities. There will be a volleyball competition between the J-1 students from different Work and Travel agencies, which are sponsors of the event. Also the visitors will have opportunity to play mini football, Frisbee or to pull a rope and to show their sport spirit.

At the Picnic will be present all the creators of the active projects on Let’s Fund It, so the visitors will have opportunity to meet them and to invest in their project. In return beside the awards by the projects creators, they will get a traditional American picnic meal. But you don’t have to wait until 18th of May, to support a project. Everyone who will fund a project before the event, will get picnic meal too.

In addition, the band Plug In and DJ Mac from Antenna 5, who are going to make the whole event more interesting. Let’s recall the old habits and to have a wonderful time during the second Kick Off Picnic.


Порано, многумина од нас практикуваа да одат на пикник еднаш во месецот. Но, во послените години оваа навика исчезнува. Еве одлична можност да се потсетиме на тие денови. На 18ти Мај, од 11:30 часот, SWTA го организира вториот по ред Kick Off Picnic, во Градски Парк, Скопје. Пикникот ќе биде целодневен настан, кој ќе го означи почетокот на оваа Work and Travel сезона. За време на настанот се планирани спортски активности. Помеѓу Work and Travel J-1 студентите од различни агенциите, кои се поддржувачи на овој настан, ќе се одржи натпревар во одбојка, а сите присутни ќе имат можност да играат мал фудбал, фризби или да влечат јаже.

Исто така, на настанот ќе бидат присутни сите креатоти на проекти на Let’s Fund It. Посетителите на пикникот ќе имаат можност да инвестираат во постоечките прокети на самиот пикник. За возврат, покрај наградите од креаторите на проектите, ќе добијат и традиционален пикник оброк. Но, не чекајте до 18 Мај за да вложите во некој од проектите. Пикник оброк ќе добие секој оној кој ќе вложи во било кој проект пред пикникот.

Дополнително, бендот Plug In и ДЈ Мац од Антена 5 ќе ја развеселат атмосферата за време на пикникот. Ајде да се потсетиме на старите навики и да поминеме убаво време за време на вториот по ред Kick Off Picnic.

We made a difference in someones live! Did you?

We are happy that SWTA teamed with the Embassy Youth Council, under the theme “You are not Alone” (YANA), was part of the Volunteer Fair, sponsored by the U.S. Embassy. The fair was held in the National University Library in Skopje on 6th of May. All the visitors had opportunity to spent 15 minutes at our stall and to paint flutes that will be given to the kids from three orphanages in Macedonia. At the end 36 flutes were painted thanks to the creative volunteers with big heart.

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Another interesting project on Let’s Fund It!

Have you ever heard for a theater show which is going to be held in a city bus? This is not a joke, it is true. Seventeen young and innovative actors are working hard to realize this project. Every day they meet each other and improving their performance. They think that Skopje needs this kind of refreshment. What do you think? If your answer is yes, than  support their project on letsfundit.mk. Don’t forget that your support is an other motivation for them. Don’t wait until 18th of May, when  in Skopje City Park will happen the second Kick Off Picnic, where every one will have opportunity to support the projects on Let’s Fund It.

It is up to you to decide!

As you know the debate “The opportunities for funding start ups in Macedonia through loans have better prospects than through crowd funding” was held on 24 of April in Duna-Klub na novinari. It was interesting to hear the opposite opinions for financing a Start Up business.  Petar Slavkovski, Head of branch in saving house “Moznosti” was defending the traditional concept of financing, by bank loan, despite Viktor Mitevski, one of the founders of letsfundit.mk, who was defending the new unconventional crowd funding concept of financing a Start Up.

Which way of financing is more prospective?” Petar Slavkovski said: “You should finance your Start Up business by loan in a bank, because there is no risk your innovative idea to be stolen. Also in the banks work qualified employees with capabilities to estimate the prospect of your idea development.”  Viktor Mitevski said: “I don’t agree that the idea can be stolen. You, as a creator of your idea, are one step ahead of those who want to steal your idea. Also, in the crowd funding concept the market decides if your idea is worth financing. If people like it, that is a signal that the market needs your idea.”

But what if your Start Up do not succeed? Petar Slavkovski said: ” If it doesn’t succeed, you are responsible for your fail. You don’t  have to explain to your supporters why it happened. Also if you have a loan in a bank, you will be more persistent and will do everything to realize your idea, because you have obligations. It is like different behavior with the new car which your father bought, or was bought with your own money.” Viktor replied: “I do not agree that you are responsible in front of your supporters. The crowd funding concept is to raise small amount of money by a lot of people. The supporters are deciding the amount of money which they want to fund.  Also in return they get reward by the creator of the idea. On the other hand, if the business does not succeed, the creator doesn’t have loans which will reflect on his finances in the future. So the crowd funding concept is less stressful.”

Also, Viktor Mitevski pointed the importance of the crowd funding as a marketing opportunity for the new businesses. The customers are among the potential supporters, so it is possible to reach the first clients of your business through the crowd funding campaign.

At the end both of them agreed that it is a challenge for the Macedonian community to raise the awareness for the possibilities that Let’s Fund It as an unconventional way of financing offers. The second Kick Off Picnic, which is going to happen on 18th May, in City Park in Skopje is one of the steps for raising the awareness for the possibilities that this platform offers. Follow us on our blog, and be part of the second Kick Off Picnic.

What do you prefeer crowd funding or bank loan?

Youth Entrepreneurial Service YES Foundation and International Debate Education Association (IDEA) of South-East Europe are pleased to announce the third in a row “20 minutes Entrepreneurship” debate. The topic is “The opportunities for funding start ups in Macedonia through loans have better prospects than through crowd funding”. The debate is going to be held in Duna-Klub na novinari, on 24th of April 2014 at 18:30.

The President of SWTA Viktor Mitevski is going to defeat the crowd funding concept against Petar Slavkovski, Head of branch in saving house “Moznosti”.

What do you think, which option is better and less stressful for the Start Ups founders? Be part of this interesting debate!!!


Skopje Street Festival or COOL T-shirts for everyone?

The participants on the first Start Up Academy have another challenge, they have to organize the second Kick Off Picnic which is going to happen on 18th of May in City Park in Skopje. The picnic will present the Let’s Fund It concept.On the picnic the projects creators will present their ideas, and everyone will have opportunity to invest in the current projects at the event. Those who will support a project, beside the rewards by the creator of the projects, will get a picnic pack lunch by Let’s Fund It Team on the event. Follow our blog and find more information for the second Kick Off Picnic.

Until than there are two more project on letsfindit.mk. which are waiting for your support. Don’t wait until 18th of May to give your support to the young enthusiasts in Macedonia.

Skopje Street Festival                                                                                                


 COOL T-shirts for everyone!

When a Hobby becomes Business – Si Accessories

Simona Ristovska is one of the participants of the first Start Up Academy who started her own business during the Academy. Here is her story:

She is a part of the American Councils Macedonia Team. In order to raise money for the organization they made a workshop –“Project Handmade Happiness”, where they had to make jewelry and then to sell it. That workshop helped her to realize that she really enjoys doing crafts such as jewelry. After couple of months, she had to attend an event but she didn’t have necklace, so she decided to make one. One of the guests on that event noticed her necklace and asked her if she can make one for her. She accepted. She says that this boosted her self-confidence because there was someone who liked her work. Later on all her friends and family started to ask to make them jewelry, so she decided to turn her hobby into a business.Image

The biggest challenges she faced was putting the right price, making loyal customers and meet their needs. When she heard that it is going to be organized the first Start Up Academy she applied with her business idea. On her pleasure she was accepted and become one of the participants. Now when all the seminars are done and she developed her business plan, she said: “The Start Up Academy definitely helped me how to manage the problems with which I am facing and also to define some of my long terms goals. The experience which all the lecturers shared with us made me stronger, now when I have to make a decision. I am happy because I was chosen to be one of the participants.”

If you like, follow her work on her facebook fun page: Si Accessories

Another challenge for the participants of the first Start Up Academy

The fifth and last seminar of the first Start Up academy was held this weekend at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Skopje. On friday, the seminar was opened by Lee Weber Turkovic, Content Marketing Director at GigaVoice. On the workshop named  “Search Engine Optimization&How to search smarter” she show to the participants the process how to … Continue reading