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Managing Board


The Managing Board is consisted of the following members:

* Marko GeorgievskiPresident of the Managing Board

Marko Georgievski is born in Skopje in 1989. In his early ages he showed potential of working in a team, proved by his engagements in primary school.He was part of many competitions during that period, showing his willingness for competing that shaped his future development.

In 2004 signed up for high school, first in Yahya Kemal than changed to NOVA. The high school period was of a great importance due to receiving Western type of education. He also participated in many community service events and helped the society to be better place to live.His major subjects in high school were Micro and Macro Economics which further traced the path for his college.

Georgievski holds a BA degree in Financial Management from the Faculty of Economics in Skopje at the St. Cyril and Methodius University. Currently he is engaged at a Master Program in Statistical Methods for Business and Economy at the same Faculty. Georgievski’s main interests are cars, business planning, macroeconomic indicator data analysis and events organization. During his third year of studies, together with two of his colleagues, won the first price at the Fifth National Business plan Competition organized by NCDIEL and The Austrian Development Foundation. Currently he is one of the three owners of the enterprise “VAM Bidi Viden DOO”.

Georgievski has been elected as the President of the Executive Board of the Summer Work & Travel Alumni Association Macedonia at the founding Assembly on 19 January 2013. He is a SWT alumni from 2011 and 2013.Both times he worked as server at the famous Virginian mountain golf resort called Wintergreen Resort. The SWT experience has brought different perspective in his life and made him believe that through hard work, persistency and patience can be achieved prosperity and success.

* Biljana Stojkoska

Biljana Stojkoska was born in Skopje in 1989. She graduated “Art and Design” in 2011 at the European University of Skopje, department “Interior design”. Currently she is engaged at a Master Program inArchitecture and Design at University American College Skopje. She designed the Summer Work and Travel Alumni organization’s logo.

Biljana was participant of Summer Work and Travel Program in 2012. She worked as a host in Hard Rock Café and as a server in Top of the Falls Restaurant in Niagara Falls, NY State. She highly recommends this program to everyone who have opportunity to be part of it.

* Bojana Naumoska

Bojana Naumoska is currently involved in her master studies in Political management and she is actively involved at the “Research Institute” as a project assistant manager.. She graduate in 2011 at the Faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus” in Skopje and hold a degree of Political Science. Bojana is also part of the Presidency of ATA Macedonia, an organization which covers a specific area of strategic importance for the Republic of Macedonia, such as the Euro-Atlantic integration and promotion of the Euro-Atlantic idea and values in our society. Bojana has actively participated at the core group at the Boris Trajkovski International Foundation. Miss Naumoska has served as a volunteer in Interklutura for a year.

So far she has been to the W&T Program for three times and she highly recommends it to every student who will have the opportunity to go on this program.

* Ksenija Popovic

Ksenija Popovic has a Bachelor degree of Financial Management and graduated at the University St. “Cyril and Methodius”. Currently is on a masters program of Statistical Methods for Business and Economics. She is engaged with volunteering at the Clinical Center as an administrator. She has been participating in many youth leadership trainings.

Ksenija is one of the founders of the Summer Work & Travel Alumni Macedonia and strongly believes in the values a student could gain from this program. She stands for cultural exchange, volunteer spirit, hard and well paid work, traveling, principles which are the main core values of W&T Program.

Luka Sredojevikj

Luka Sredojevik holds a Bachelors degree of Business Informatics from the South East European University in Skopje. He has taken the primary seminar for selling and negotiating life insurance policies at the Austrian brokerage insurance intermediary company WVP and has reached to the second level coworker. Meanwhile he is an intern at Zenith Optimedia (Publicis Group) Macedonia at the media planning department.

During his studies at the summer of 2010 he spent 4 months in the USA on the Work & Travel Program. He worked as a trip host attendant at Hampton Jitney Co (luxury coach transportation). This was the moment when he fell in love with the USA and the Work & Travel Program.

Luka is one of the founders of the Summer Work & Travel Alumni Macedonia. Through his engagement at the Association he believes that he could improve the W&T Program and share and apply his experience and knowledge with the next generations of students and the society in general.

* Simona Stankovic

Simona Stankovikj has graduated economics at the Faculty of Economics at the University of St. “Cyril and Methodius” in Skopje on the department Financial Management in 2012.  Currently she is enrolled to a masters program at the same Faculty on the department of Monetary Economics, Finance and Banking. Simona Stankovikj is Alumni student and she has been to US on the Summer Work and Travel Program in 2011. She worked at Wintergreen Resort, Virginia.

*Stefan Stepanovski

Stefan Stepanoski is a senior at the Journalism at the Faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus” in Skopje. He has been active in NGO sector as a member of PEL, which aims to improve the situation of young people and women in all areas of social life.

Stefan is Alumni student and he has been to US on the Summer Work and Travel Program in 2012. He was working in one of the biggest supermarkets in North Dakota. Stefan is one of the founders of the “SWT Alumni Macedonia”


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