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Letsfundit.mk part of ENGAGE 2014


On 14th of June, letsfundit.mk was part of ENGAGE 2014 –  the third conference for social activism, organized by Youth Educational Forum. The conference was held in Macedonian Opera and Ballet. А lot of artists, journalists, designers of online initiatives, bloggers and IT experts shared their knowledge and experiences on issues related to civic engagement, activism via social media, art, freedom of expression. Letsfundit.mk in a half an hour workshop shared the possibilities and benefits that this platform provides for the whole community. Until now through letsfundit.mk the people who believed in the projects, gave to the Macedonian community a new start up business – Domino the Effect, an alternative theater  performance – Drama in a bus, a book – The man after the bridge which is at its end, and a new gaming TV show – GG which is going to start on 1st of September. The participants were curious for this unconventional way of financing and believe that it is a great chance for all those who need funds.




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