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GG is going to happen!!!

The crowd funding campaign for GG (Good Game) finished today. Unfortunately this project did not raised the required amount of 180.000 MKD, but this project is successful because showed that the Macedonian community has capacity to invest higher amounts than 100 MKD in the projects on letsfundit.mk. In this project were invested 61.750 MKD by 85 supporters. The average invested amount by the supporters is around 730 MKD.

Great news for all those who believed in this project is the fact that GG is going to be realized. Officially the date of the first show is the 1st of September. The creators of the project are almost ready. Only  few things are missing and can be bought with the raised funds. With that, the preparations for the show will be completed.  It is up to the supporters to decide whether they want to withdraw the invested money in the project or to not and to be part of the show in which they believe.



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