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The II Kick Off Picnic!

It happened…. the second Kick Off Picnic was held on Sunday in Skopje City Park. Most of the visitors said that they had an unusual beautiful  sunny day. More then 700 people were part of this event, and 95 visitors invested 24.400 MKD. In return they got an award by the projects creators and a traditional picnic meal. But the most important thing that they achieved is that they became one of the supporters of the entrepreneurship and the creative minds in Macedonia.

The picnic was a great event for everyone….in YANA Corner everyone had opportunity to paint flutes that will be given to the kids from three orphanages in Macedonia. In Lets Fund It Corner everyone had opportunity to support a project and with it to gоt a traditional picnic meal coupon, which could  be used in the Food Corner. In SWTA Corner there was a place where the SWT Students could register and to become part of the SWT Alumni organization. In the Sport Corner the visitors could play volleyball, small football and Frisbee. With another words, there was a place for everyone.

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